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Tell Your Florida State Senator: Protect Florida’s Workers’ Rights and Stop SB 256


A bill in the Florida Legislature, S.B. 256, is designed to circumvent the Florida constitution and destroy Floridians’ right to be union members. It would ban employer dues deduction for public unions in Florida (except police, fire, and corrections, clearly demonstrating that the bill is politically-motivated retribution) and move to automatically decertify any bargaining unit that drops below 60%.

Public sector workers, including many CWA members, would see their collective bargaining agreements nullified, and workers’ wage scales, health care benefits, and retirement earnings could be changed at will by capricious politicians.

Since Florida is a right-to-work state, Floridians already have a clear choice about if they want to be union members or not. We choose to join our unions because it means job protections, higher wages, and bargained benefits. Together we bargain, but DeSantis and the out-of-state trust-fund billionaires behind this bill want Florida’s working families to beg.

Enter your information, including your full address, to be connected to your Florida State Senator now and tell them to oppose SB 256.

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Respect Florida Workers

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